We started using Charlotte payroll a year ago and we are extremely glad that we made the switch! In the beginning I was skeptical, thinking here comes another payroll company promising me everything, but wondering would they actually deliver on those promises.  A year later I can say that they not only delivered on their promises, but they also have gone above and beyond to accommodate our complicated payroll setup!  They have also taken the time to work with me on many things that were making our payroll so complicated to help us be more streamlined, more efficient and much easier to manage. We have used other payroll companies in the past and have not received the level of customer service that we have with Charlotte Payroll.  If I run into any issue I know that I can call Charlotte Payroll and get someone immediately on the phone who can help with any question I have. They live up to what they say they will do – and more!  I would highly recommend their services!