How to Find More Time

How to Find More Time

The one thing no business owner has enough of is time. Your employees need you. Your business needs you. And at some point, you’d probably like to spend time with your family. It’s easy to feel like you’re a hamster running in a wheel and getting nowhere.

You can find more time in your day with a bit of time (pun intended) and effort.


Figure Out Where Your Time Goes

Before you can make any changes, you’ve got to figure out what you’re spending your time on. Take a few days and track everything you do and approximately how much time you spend on it. That includes every time you check your email, make a phone call, get interrupted, and scroll through Facebook. You can write it down in a notebook or use a spreadsheet, but focus on this one thing. You may very quickly see where your time goes just by being mindful of it.


Idntify the Time Wasters

Look at your notes or list. What’s wasting your time? Can someone else do those things? Are you checking your email too many times? Is your social media habit a problem? Are you sitting in too many unnecessary meetings when an email will get the job done quicker? Get honest with yourself about the things that are using up precious time.


Organize Yourself

Part of finding more time in our day is using the time we have wisely. Organization plays a huge role in this. Make a list of the things that have to get done in a given day and focus on just that. Schedule meetings or conference calls with your to-do list in mind. Can all of your meetings be scheduled in one day each week, leaving you the rest of the week to focus?


Handle Email Better

Because we have easy access to email through our computers and phones, it’s almost too easy to check it. Add in notifications that pop up all day long and half the day can be spent reading emails. It’s time think strategically about email. Set specific times during the day when you’ll check your email. Spend that time answering the easy emails and then set aside dedicated time each day or week for emails that need your focus. Not every email needs an immediate response, and you’ll be less distracted and get more done.


Delegate or Outsource Everything You Can

As a business owner, you have very specific things you need to do. Growing your business and making sure it operates smoothly and correctly being the two most important things. Scheduling meetings, dealing with accounting software, and stressing over payroll shouldn’t be on your list. If you’ve got an employee who can do the task for you, delegate it to them. If you don’t, outsource it to a professional service who can get the job done for you. The money you spend will be more than worth the time you get back in your day and week.

The more you can focus on your business, the bigger and faster it will grow. All the small tasks, unnecessary meetings, and distractions keep you from being able to focus on what really matter. It’s going to take time to find more time in your day, but it will be worth the effort.

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