Time & Labor Management

Your time is valuable. At Charlotte Payroll, we understand and respect that. You need to spend it running your business, not checking time clock records and ensuring that your labor management software is up to date. Our time and labor management solutions not only ensure that your business is running efficiently, but it also keeps you up to date with frequently changing government regulations and laws.

Choose an Automated Workforce Management Platform

Tired of checking time records and ensuring that your employees are clocking and out like they should? Worried about how much time it takes to enter your payroll amounts every week or other week? We have a solution! Our automated workforce management platform handles all of that and more, saving you time and money. Think of how much you’ll be able to get done in the time that you’ve newly freed up.

Pull Up Records for Review

Sometimes, you just need to review those time and labor records. Whether you’re checking to see how much a certain employee has worked or are compiling data for a series of employee reviews, our software is very easy to use. You can pull up records with ease, saving you the time that it takes to hunt down multiple records using your previous programming.

What Can Our Time and Labor Management Service Do?

When you choose our time and labor management service, you’re not only making it easier for you to run your business, but you’re also:

  • Saving time and money on individual labor management programs
  • Making payroll and taxes easier
  • Simplifying the reporting (and report checking) process
  • Minimizing your risk, since we keep on top of regulatory and tax changes
  • And more!

Stay On Top at Tax Time

Not paying your taxes on time, whether they are payroll and unemployment insurance taxes or your yearly federal return, can lead to a number of headaches in the form of fees and penalties. We get it! It’s easy for these things to slip your mind when you’re busy running your business. Thankfully, our time and labor management solutions include tax filing, making your life easier and taking yet another task off of your already full plate.

Software That’s Easy to Use and Manage

How much are you currently paying for your payroll and other labor management software? Not only have you more than likely cobbled these programs together, but you also have to stay on top of updates and more. With our automated management program, you’re getting everything that you need all in one, alleviating that headache. Plus, you won’t have to worry about updates, since we take care of those for you.

Choose Our Time and Labor Management Service

Are you ready to simplify your workforce management? By choosing our services, you’re freeing up your time so that you can focus on your business. You won’t have to worry about paying taxes on time, spending hours on payroll, or any of the other things that you used to handle on a regular basis. Let us give you the gift of freedom!

Ready to find out how our time and labor management services can help your business? Contact us today.

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