For small to midsized businesses, the everyday challenges of running your company are demanding enough, without adding time-consuming tasks. Fortunately, Charlotte Payroll offers many ways to save time and money, including our Time & Labor Management solutions.

Charlotte Payroll is your trusted service provider for a comprehensive, automated workforce management platform which can stand on its own, or integrate with our payroll and HR services. Here’s how a Time & Labor Management platform can benefit your business.

Reduce Expenses

Outsourcing time and labor management reduces in-house bookkeeping and administrative hours. You use your human resources more wisely on business goals, instead of tedious tasks.

Charlotte Payroll also handles all the backend hardware, which can be a substantial business expense. We also maintain, backup, and protect data to minimize your costs.

Minimize Risk

Labor and tax laws change constantly and filing taxes isn’t getting any simpler either. It can be almost impossible for smaller enterprises to stay in compliance, never mind exploring the finer details for potential savings.

Nonetheless, governmental and organizational authorities are far from understanding. If you fail to comply, you can incur stiff penalties and fines, or end up in a costly lawsuit.

When you outsource your Time & Management needs to Charlotte Payroll, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We stay well-informed so you remain in compliance.

Increase Productivity

Managing your workforce is time-consuming and often repetitious work. This can lead to unnecessary mistakes and missed deadlines, especially when the duties are an added responsibility for a team member.

Instead, free up time in-house so your business can concentrate on its goals. Use resources wisely for strategic initiatives, improve your bottom line, and grow your business.

Rely On Our Expertise & Knowledge

Let us help you make the most out of your workforce management solution by tailoring the platform specifically to your business needs. Our skilled, regional representatives have the tools and resources to help you streamline your operations. We focus on small to medium-sized businesses in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mobile Access

Today’s business relies on a mobile workforce, so why limit data entry to the desktop? Our Time & Labor Management solutions allow data entry from anywhere with an internet connection.

Powerful Reporting

Understanding how your company uses time and labor has a direct correlation to business success. Our Time & Labor Management solutions offer powerful reporting options so you can identify trends, pinpoint problem areas, and strategically plan.

Charlotte Payroll offers total back office solutions, the latest software, expertise, and outstanding customer service. Let us match our products and services to your business needs, minimize costs, and streamline processes.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation so you can get to know us, our products and services, and what we can do for your business.