When you partner with Charlotte Payroll, we’ll ensure speed and accuracy, saving you time and money. Our payroll system is easy to manage with simple dashboards, checklists, and alerts. It’s easy to navigate, flexible, and user friendly. Add new employees, ensure timely and accurate payments to employees and tax authorities, and rely on automatic updates to stay in compliance with legislative changes.

You won’t miss deadlines and you’ll reinforce your company’s reputation as a well-run business and responsible employer.

Human Resources

Managing human resources well is critical for a successful business. Yet, many HR functions are very complicated, time-consuming, and overwhelming for small to medium-sized businesses. Outsourcing your HR needs to Charlotte Payroll offers many benefits.

Discover why so many clients choose Charlotte Payroll for their Human Resources, Payroll, Time & Labor Management, and business insurance needs. Let us match our products and services to your business, minimize costs, and simplify processes.

Tax Services

When you choose Charlotte Payroll for your payroll needs you also take care of your payroll tax requirements. This is extremely important for small to medium-sized business, since failure to pay payroll taxes, paying late, or paying incorrectly can trigger major IRS repercussions.

Charlotte Payroll caters to small to medium-sized businesses in the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina area. We offer tax preparation, payroll, Time & Labor Management and Human Resources solutions as well as business insurance through our partner, Charlotte Insurance.

Time & Labor Management

For small to midsized businesses, the everyday challenges of running your company are demanding enough, without adding time-consuming tasks. Fortunately, Charlotte Payroll offers many ways to save time and money, including our Time & Labor Management solutions.

Charlotte Payroll is your trusted service provider for a comprehensive, automated workforce management platform which can stand on its own, or integrate with our payroll and HR services. Here’s how a Time & Labor Management platform can benefit your business.

Background Checks

Search background information databases across multiple states and/or for a single state. Our multi-state database searches all criminal databases available to NCS. Our single state databases do the same, but are exclusive to a specific state. Searches are based on name and date of birth and include both felony and misdemeanor convictions for the past 7-10 years.

Charlotte Payroll is your trusted background checker provider. To experience what we provide, integrate with our payroll and background checking services