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One of the most important things that small to medium sized businesses need to deal with are taxes. Payroll taxes need to be paid on a quarterly basis, and if they’re late, fees and interest are charged. Avoid the headache by hiring Charlotte Payroll to handle your payroll and annual taxes for you.

Avoid Fees and Penalties

Forgetting to file your payroll taxes can be fairly easy to do, especially if you’re busy doing other necessary things, like running your business. Thankfully, if you hire us to handle your payroll, then we have your tax information on hand and can file those payroll taxes with ease. You won’t have to worry about it, add them to your calendar, or anything of the sort, because we’ll do it all for you.
Common Tax Fees and Penalties
Failing to file your payroll taxes can lead to a number of expensive fees and penalties, all of which can add up quickly. For example, if you’re late by one day, you have a 10% penalty placed on your company by the IRS. This compounds as things progress, adding on 5% for each month that you’re late, up to a total of 25%. Why not avoid this altogether?
Easy to Pull Up W2s and Other Forms
On top of filing payroll taxes and doing so on time in order to avoid fees, there are a plethora of other tax forms that businesses need. End of year W2s and 1099s are just one of them. We can put these forms together for you, using the information provided by your payroll systems. All that you have to do is ensure that the details are correct.
Don’t Forget About Your Annual Taxes
Your company’s annual taxes are also a big deal. They need to be sent in on time, and accuracy matters quite a bit. If you’re one of our payroll customers, then we already have that information from you. So, we just need all of your other expenses and accounting details in order to take care of your federal yearly taxes for you. Why not take yet another task off your plate? After all, you’re busy enough as it is.
Other Tax Payments That Need to Be Made
In addition to quarterly payroll taxes, there are others that need to be submitted, including your quarterly unemployment taxes. Like all of the others, you could be fined and penalized should be they be sent in later. Rather than add another task to your already overloaded schedule, we can handle these additional tax returns for you.

All of Your Tax Needs

Businesses have a lot of tax returns, documents, and forms that they need to juggle every year. Rather than take this on yourself, why not outsource the task to your payroll administrator? We can handle both your payroll and your various tax returns and forms, using the information from your payroll and accounting information for the purposes of your taxes. Ready to say goodbye to all your tax headaches? Contact us today.

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