Human Resources

Small to medium-sized businesses often don’t have an in-house human resources team, simply due to the company’s size. This can make keeping up with changes to the laws and regulations tricky, not to mention having to handle all of the other HR tasks on your own. But at Charlotte Payroll, we have an answer! Simplify and streamline the process by outsourcing your human resources to our professional service.

Cost-Effective Offerings

Every business wants to save money. Whether you’re balancing HR tasks as the business owner or have an entire team handling the efforts, outsourcing your human resources tasks can open up time for other important tasks. Have your human resources employees handle other related jobs, or you, as the business owner, can go back to handling clients, securing new ones, and ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

Mitigate Risks

What happens if your in-house human resources department does something wrong? You could end up getting fined, sued, or worse. HR mistakes can be very costly. By outsourcing these tasks to our human resources department, you end up minimizing those risks. Our knowledgeable team not only stays up to date with every regulation that an HR department needs to adhere to, but we also take on those risks for you.

An Efficient and Productive System

Efficiency is the name of the game for small business owners. You need to get as much done as possible in a very short period of time. This is where we come in. Our HR programming is easy to use, making it simple for you to input everything that you need so that it’s at your fingertips when you need it the most. Plus, our human resources workers know what you need, so they can answer questions and handle some of the most time-consuming tasks for you.

Simple Performance Monitoring

Performance tracking and employee reviews are just one of the many tasks that an HR department handles. Rather than take up your precious time developing a form and compiling information, why not take advantage of our performance monitoring system? With it, you can create those reviews and report easily with everything you need at your fingertips.

Easy to Use System and Reports

Our easy-to-use system is a huge plus for business owners. Need a report on a particular employee? Want to see how productive they’ve been or whether or not they’ve been clocking in late or out early every day? By synchronizing with time clocks and recording various bit of information, all at your request, all of that information will be on hand when necessary.

A Human Resources Department Without the Hassle

Business owners have enough on their hands. Why worry about yet another department, or try to do everything yourself? Shift those HR tasks to our knowledgeable and personable team, and give yourself more freedom to do what you do best. Not only do we stay on top of rule and reporting changes, but we also have efficient monitoring systems that you can check at any time. Ready to make your HR tasks hassle-free? Contact us today.

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