Recruit Smarter

Recruit Smarter

The key to having a productive, well-organized, and profitable company comes down to the people you hire. Your employees make it all work, but first you need the right employees. Recruiting new people isn’t always easy. The key to finding better talent with a little less effort is to recruit smarter. Here are a few tips on recruiting smarter and finding great employees.

Develop More Relationships

Get to know your local colleges, universities, and trade schools. Meet with recruiters and executive search firms. If different organizations know who you’re looking for, and you’ve got a good working relationship with them, they can recommend you to job seekers or new graduates looking for their next job.

Use the Power of Professional Associations

Allow your staff to join and participate in professional associations, including attending conferences and industry events. They’ll meet people who may be a perfect fit for your next opening. At the same time, consider advertising with relevant professional associations. Most have a website or a magazine. List your opening with them and you’ll hear from better qualified applicants.

Hire the Obvious Choice

If you know someone who’s done the job, had the success you want for your company, and understands the industry, hire them. And while you should always hire the person with the strengths you need, don’t convince yourself you can train their weaknesses away. Maybe you can, but it will be a long, stressful, and expensive venture. Hire the person who can clearly do the job and has the right personality for your culture.

Pay Competitively

You get what you pay for and when you pay the lowest rates, recruitment is immediately more difficult. Make sure that your compensation package is competitive and your candidate pool will grow and improve. The more you provide for your employees, the more likely you are to find employees willing to work hard for you.

Be Known as a Great Place to Work

Part of this is about pay and benefits, but company culture plays a big part, too. Your employees are your best recruitment source for new hires. Treating your existing employees well and allowing them to do their jobs in a positive environment helps your reputation. When you become known as an employer of choice, the best people in your industry want to work for you.

Use Your Website

It’s not enough to have a job listing section on your website. Use this space to highlight what you provide for employees and what you’re looking for in exchange. Talk about your vision and mission for the company. Add employee testimonials if appropriate. Make it easy for people to apply or submit their resume. This might be a candidate’s first experience with your company. Make it a good one.

Finding, hiring, and onboarding new employees is a big task. When you make recruiting easier and you find better candidates, your entire business benefits. Make one more part of your business easier, too — payroll. At Charlotte Payroll, we take the worry, hassle, and stress out of the entire process. Contact us today at 704-887-5511!

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