How to Find a Good Payroll Company

Finding a good payroll company needn’t be a difficult task if you know what to look for. Here are a few of the essentials a good payroll company should offer.

Payroll & Business Expertise

The advent of cloud computing led to many online payroll options, but payroll involves much more than a computer program. Choose a payroll company with extensive payroll experience and local and state compliance understanding.

They should also have extensive business experience to address your specific company challenges, effectively analyze your needs, and meet your budget.

Tailored Solutions

A good payroll company doesn’t sell you a package with unnecessary bells and whistles. They tailor their system to your needs so you avoid unnecessary capital costs. A tailored solution also continually adapts to your needs and grows with your company.

A good payroll company handles tax needs too. They withhold employee’ taxes, file quarterly payroll tax reports, pay tax withholdings to the proper state and federal agencies, and issue employee W-2 and 1099 forms.

Also look for a company that offers integrated human resources and time & labor management options. Even if you don’t need these services now, you may later.

Superior Data Security & Technology

Since your payroll company manages and stores your data, it is very important they offer cutting edge technology and follow data security best practices. Look for a payroll company with solid upgrade and backup procedures and strong data encryption to mitigate risk.

Your payroll company should also offer the latest technologies such as a mobile access, direct deposit, and employee self-service.

User-Friendly System

Is the payroll system easy to navigate, flexible, and user-friendly? Does it offer simple dashboards, checklists, and alerts? Can you add new employees easily and produce the reports you need with ease?

A good payroll company will walk you through their system so you can discover whether you like the “feel” of the software.

Dedicated Support

A good payroll company offers strong support whenever you have problems or questions. Look for a local company that assigns a dedicated, highly-trained representative. They’re more likely to respond quickly, provide thorough responses, and anticipate your needs.

Transparent Pricing

A good payroll company never surprises you with hidden fees. They describe their monthly fee, additional charge per employee, and the options available to you now and later. For instance, you may need more data storage as your business grows.

Tax filing, generating W-2s and 1099s, tracking PTO, getting advice on an IRS notice, or correcting clerical errors are just a few areas less desirable companies tend to hide fees. Read the fine print before you buy.

Good Client Reviews

Ask potential payroll companies for a list of current clients with similar needs to your own. Take a few minutes and connect with them. They have real-time experience on the system and with customer support.

Charlotte Payroll goes above and beyond to create a positive payroll experience. Read our Google reviews, and then contact us so we can discuss your needs.

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