How To Select The Right HR Partner

Managing human resources is a complex, time-consuming task. It requires up-to-date legislative and compliance knowledge, and solid practices and procedures.

If you’re considering outsourcing your human resource functions, it is important to find the right HR partner. Here are the top considerations when evaluating an HR provider.

Total HR Solution

A top-notch HR provider offers a total integrated HR solution. Even if you don’t need all the services they offer, they’re available if you need them later.

Look for a HR provider that offers payroll, tax, compliance, and employee benefits administration. Tapping into an integrated system simplifies the HR process and saves you money.

Strong Credentials

Does the company rely on HR experts with strong credentials such as Bachelor of Science in HR Management or extensive payroll and business experience? Do they focus on your business size or offer broad solutions hoping to entice as many customers as possible? Do they have experience in your industry so they understand your challenges and unique compliance requirements?

Tax Payment Guarantee

A good HR partner guarantees accurate and timely tax payments, or they pay the penalty. They prepare and file your payroll remittance when due via the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System and ensure local, state, and federal authorities receive their due each quarter.

Local Expert

Cloud computing opened the doors for many HR providers, but that doesn’t mean they’re suitable for your business. Seek an HR provider that works in your area and understands its benefits and challenges.

A good local provider also has strong connections to other trusted advisors such as insurance professionals, accountants, and lawyers to help you manage all your HR needs.

Transparent Pricing

The right HR partner learns about your business, matches services to needs, and develops a predictable plan. They explain the details, never hide fees to make their offering seem more attractive, and provide reliable, unbiased advice. They’re focused on what serves you well instead of selling you unnecessary products and services.

Leading-Edge Technology

Expect your HR partner to deliver current technologies that allow secure access to information from any device with internet access. They should encrypt data, and follow best practices for backups and updates.

Outstanding Support

Will you speak to a different person every time you have a problem, or will you have a dedicated representative? Does the company have a brick and mortar office, regular office hours, and easy ways to connect via telephone, email, and website?

Proven Success

Ask potential HR partners for a list of references from longstanding clients who can tell you about how the companies do business and treat their partners. Check their reviews on Google to see if companies mention whether the HR provider goes above and beyond for their clients.

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