How to Retain Good Employees

Businesses are like human bodies.  If the quality and work ethic of the employees isn’t the best, the business will run roughly and have a hard time climbing its way to the top. Just like the human body, if the organs cease to work or are in bad shape, the human body will cease to work in its up most healthy state.  Employees are like the organs, they keep the business functioning.  Here are five ways to keep the organs of your business healthy.

  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Rewarding
  • Insight
  • Promote from within

Let’s start with communication. A satisfied employee knows clearly what is expected from him or her on a daily basis. The employee’s freedom to speak their mind freely within the organization is one of the key factors in employee retention.  Meeting with your employees at least two to three times per year can be helpful in keeping employees happy by letting them communicate with you and vice versa. They can speak their opinions on how they feel the business could function better, or how the employees themselves could be more efficient. According to, about 31% out of 2 million employees quit because they feel a lack of empowerment or voice.  Empowerment doesn’t necessarily mean mutiny, it means speaking out and having some sort of communication with the boss or HR.

Next on the list we have coaching, which breaks down to the quality of supervision that an employee receives.  Employees seek to use their talents and skills in the workplace, tools, time, and training are the easiest problems to solve.  The perception of fairness and equitable treatment is important to employees, and helps maintain good moral.  Rewards, which is next on the list, goes hand in hand with coaching.  Coaches train their pupils with the tools and talents necessary to complete the tasks, the best possible way.  A simple “good job”, or “thank you” goes along way, but sometimes a gift card or a night on the town, paid for by the company, can reinvigorate employees.  We all want to feel as though we contribute, that our input and hard work matters.  Small rewards outside the scope of bonuses and fringe benefits

Another strategy to help retain good employees is gaining insight to the employee’s goals.  Typically, your top employees frequently seek opportunities to learn and grow in their careers, knowledge, and skills.  Spending time with your employees to learn about their goals can greatly benefit not only them, but it helps you get an idea of which jobs fit them best.  This concept also ties in closely with the ideas discussed in the section on communication.  The more you, as an employer, understand which direction your employees are heading, the better you can guide them and foster their skills.

Promote from within, sounds like an easy enough concept, but sometimes may prove to be difficult.  The reason why we saved this idea for last, is if follow the previous four suggestions, you will find those employees very easily inside your team.   This notion encourages current employees to strive to obtain that promotion.  Replacing higher ranking officials from within the company allows for the continuance of company morals and strategies.   Bringing in outsiders may cause a disturbance in the force, which may not be desired.

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